Frontend utvecklare

For our client, a government company, we are seeking a Frontend Developer with approximately 4-8 years of experience.

The team is part of a SAFe train responsible for Digital Customer Experience.

The team’s mission:

• The primary task is to develop and manage non-login services and frameworks on the customer’s website.

• The task is always performed with a focus on maximizing customer value and continuously optimizing the team’s throughput.

• The task involves management, further development, and new development with a connection to third-party systems in the customer’s environment, as well as digital services.

• Value is delivered to the customer continuously in accordance with an agile approach all the way from inception to end-of-life (”if you build it, you run it”).

• We consider the bigger picture and support other teams at the Swedish Tax Agency with our expertise.

Clarification regarding security clearance time:

The client is subject to security clearance legislation, which means that the assignment may be classified and a security clearance of the candidate is required.

The consultant should have at least the following competencies and/or experiences:

• At least 1 year of experience in Frontend development using React.

• At least 2 years of experience from previous assignments of the CMS Sitevision, including tasks such as template building, server-side JavaScript, Sitevision’s API, and development of web applications in Sitevision.

• Experience in SEO from previous assignments.

• Experience with Matomo from previous assignments.

• Experience with Gradle from previous assignments.

It is meritorious if the consultant has the following:

• Experience in agile methodologies such as Scrum and SAFe

• Experience in Java development.

• Experience with OpenShift.

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